Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

This is one of the dumbest, most ridiculous films I have ever seen, and I love the absolute shit out of it. There’s a reason that it gained a cult following after its release. It’s silly, bright, and one of the most “1980s” films that you will ever see. For those of you that haven’t... Continue Reading →


Veronica (2017)

So, for several days now, I have been hearing about this film called Veronica. Supposedly, it’s been scaring people so much, that they turn off the film before ever even finishing it. Right away, that puts some pretty high expectations on a horror film. Of course, I was going to watch it. I just finished... Continue Reading →

69. Tootsie

Michael Dorsey, an unsuccessful actor, disguises himself as a woman in order to get a role on a trashy hospital soap. For some reason, I have not been able to properly write about this film. I don’t know why. I mean, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the acting and the writing. I loved watching the... Continue Reading →

Black Panther (2018) Review

Like many people, I went into Black Panther with the HIGHEST of expectations. I mean, the film has had nothing but wonderful, glowing reviews. So, of course I went in expecting a lot. And, I was not disappointed. In fact, it exceeded every expectation that I had, which I didn’t think that it could do... Continue Reading →

Movie Musical Monday: The Producers

Mel Brooks is a genius. That statement could literally be about any of his films, but in this case it is about the musical version of The Producers. First and foremost, using most of the original Broadway production cast in the film was smart, especially because most of them were also accomplished screen actors. Nathan... Continue Reading →

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